Kindergarten “Brilantet”

Name of business: Kindergarten “Brilantet”

Name of entrepreneur: Ms. Valbona Thaqi-Bajcinca

Sector and core business: Education

Country and city: Fushe Kosova

Start-up date: 2010

Email contact person:

Jobs created since start: 7

% Growth since start: 100%


Valbona was looking for a job as educator after her graduation in Education Faculty. The opportunities to find a job were limited so she began to think to open her own business. Based on the community needs for more space and care about children, Valbona had a chance to start her business and she took it but as a new entrepreneur was quite small to start everything alone. When she heard for the service packages that BSC Kosovo provide for potential entrepreneurs, including financing, consultancy and liaison with the business community for entrepreneurs.

After training and competition for the best business plans, Valbona with her commitment and support of BSC Kosovo established her business in Fushkë Kosovo. It was the first private kindergarten in this municipality therefore the success was guaranteed.  

Kindergarten “Brillantet” provides security and comprehensive care for children as well as for parents who want more pleasant environment and safe for their children. In addition to care, child safety, it helps nest and their education from an early stage of development. Now kindergarten "Brilliant" take care for 42 children under the auspices of 5 teachers, 2 cooky and 1 doctor who care about their health.

BSC Kosovo through entrepreneurship school has contributed not only to provide an opportunity for Valbona, but also to improve conditions for child care service in the region of Fushe Kosovo.

Today, Valbona is a successful women entrepreneur and on the near future, she plans to open another kindergarten in Rahovec, municipality where she was born. 

Intern Project Assistant Positions

Intern Project Assistant Positions
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