Name of business: Le Arch 3D

Name of entrepreneur: Ms.Leana Mahmuti

Sector and core business: Architectural 3D Printing & Modeling

Country and city: Prishtine

Start-up date: 2013

Email contact

 Jobs created since start: 4

% Growth since start: 100%

“Time has taught us that we have to be cautious in business, as well as tend to do something different and unique in order to be successful. Being an architect is easy but getting to work as one is hard, because it is a responsible job and you need time to get in the market. So the idea was to set up a new business and a very unique one in Kosovo”. – says Leana

This time the challenge changes, you are unique and you do things differently but how to make people aware of it? You need a lot of Networking and Marketing after you have struggled to set up your business, and above all you need a good Business Plan.

With the help of BSCK this challenge has become easier, Leana has participated for free courses to gain knowledge about writing a Business Plan and learning about Marketing and Finance. This opened a new opportunity to apply and be a part of BiD Network – Spring Challenge and as a Winner she got awarded as one of the Best Business Plans to follow a training mission and B2B meetings in The Netherlands. Being a part of all these gave her the ability to set a clearer plan for her business in the future.

Leana now has a successful 3D Printing Service and Architectural Company whereas her professional background helps a lot to offer these services to a brought market. Her main clients are: Architectural companies, Designers, Construction investing companies. 

Intern Project Assistant Positions

Intern Project Assistant Positions
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