NTP “Bletaria Egzoni”

Name of business: NTP “Bletaria Egzoni”

Name of entrepreneur: Mr. Egzon Agushi

Sector and core business Production: Bee-keeping 

Country and city: Gjakova, Kosovo

Start-up date: 2011

Email contact person Egzon Agushi:

Jobs created since start: 4 fulltime and 15 par time

% Growth since start: 70%


Agushi had decided on bee-keeping more as a second income as it is not labour intensive because that belonging to his family. 

Agushi's life took a new turn when he followed training organized in Prishtina by the BSCK for Development Entrepreneurship Programme (MFSII) in 2011. In the training he learnt how to be a successful entrepreneur as well as some marketing techniques. With the loan and consultancy support from BSCK to begin a new enterprise, he purchased processing machinery for wax and set up a honey production and selling point in his house in Gjakova.

Today Egzon Agushi, owns 90 bee hives and sells honey and wax in city markets.
In the years since he took out the loan, he has had many successful harvests and earned an additional income from selling honey to his community. In order to expand his market outreach, the honey is also marketed and sold during promotional events.
When Agushi was contacted about his project, he said that it was going well, and that despite obstacles and setbacks, the goal of providing a sustainable source of income for was proving to be quite successful. He said: “Honey is a realistic commodity to produce. It can be easily stored and will not go bad or spoil shortly after being harvested, making transporting and selling it almost effortless. Selling byproducts, like wax, can also increase a business family’s income as a result of it being used in candles and soap which are then sold to the public”.

Intern Project Assistant Positions

Intern Project Assistant Positions
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