New Entrepreneurs Certified (BSCK - ECLO Project)

Entrepreneurship Training funded by the European Commission Liaison Office and implemented by BSCK in 6 municipalities of Kosovo: Prishtina, Fushë Kosova, Obiliç, Shtime, Drenas and Podujeva held the certification ceremony. The Certitfication Ceremony of the first round of training was held on 28 July 2011, startet at 11:00h in the Prishtina Municipality assembly hall.
The ceremony was attended by representatives of the European Commission Liaison Office, representatives of RDA Centre, representatives of ARBK/MTI, Municipal Representatives of (Prishtinë/Priština, Fushë Kosovë/Kosovo Polje Obiliq/ć, Shtime/Štimlje, Drenas/Glogovac and Podujevë/o), Project Steering Committee and Project Staff from WB - Municipal Business Centres – MBC and other BSCK guests and Business Community.
We were honored to have among us eminent personalities with their presence at the ceremony that have shown the commitment of their institutions, because of the youth training from Kosovo and creating more favorable climate for business development in general.
In the certification ceremony many important personalities had speeches who represented the importance of the project. Mr. Kjartan Bjornson, head of the EU Commission in Kosovo and Mr. Isa Mustafa, the President of Prishtina Municipality represented EU Commission in Kosovo respectively Municipality of Prishtina and they have shown their willingness to support our project.
To tell more about the project and the BSCK's activities spoke the executive director of the Business Support Centre Kosovo Mr.Besnik Krasniqi.

In the process, or access to the European Union for Regional Development - EURED, as you know in December of 2008, were established 5 Regional Agencies. One of these is the Regional Development Agency - Center. It is important mentioning that four projects of the Centre Region are the first beneficiaries of the Scheme EURED, and one of them is exactly the BSCK project for what we were there to talk and see the results achieved.
For further information for RDA spoke Mr. Hasan Neziri - Director of RDA and explained the collaboration between Business Support Centre Kosovo (BSCK) and Regional Development Agency (RDA) on implementing the project.
It is important mentioning that the amendments applied since last year, especially the decentralization of functions from ARBK at MTI, registration and licensing will be transferred from this Agency to the Municipal Business Offices "One Stop Shop" (as one of the main component of our project).
About these procedures and the latest developments in this area, we invited on the scene Mr. Mehdi Pllashniku - Acting Chief Executive at Kosova Business Registration Agency (KBRA).
At the certification two participants had the opportunity to show their opinion. They mention that the knowledge taken from lectures will help them into their careers.
In the Certification Ceremony were certified 185 participants from Prishtina, Fushë Kosova, Obiliç, Shtime, Drenas and Podujeva municipalities. This was the first round of the Entrepreneurship Training and in September will be the next round of the Entrepreneurship Training.

At the end of the ceremony we invited representatives of the European Commission Liaison Office, representatives of RDA Centre, MA Representatives, representatives of MTI / ARBK on a short visit to the Business Center "One Stop Shop" located on the ground floor, room number 8 of the Municipality of Prishtina.

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Intern Project Assistant Positions
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