01 Jan 2006

Enabling Private Sector Development in the Western Balkans (BSCK I)

Project Objectives:
1. To establish a Business Start-up Center in Prishtina, Kosovo
2. To provide Kosovo youth with entrepreneurship and business skills
3. To assist youth in starting SMEs and generate employment

Project Results:
1. Business Start-up Centre Offices established – 6 Implementing partners identified and MOU’s signed. Offices opened and staff recruited and trained.
2. Developing a Credit Facility for the new SMEs – Contract with Kosovo Enterprise Program (KEP) (with 9% interest rate negotiated down to 7.2% for the 2nd and 3rd cycle).
3. SEE Business Centre Coordination meetings implemented –
-4 SENSI conferences held.
– Statute approved and secretariat appointed by 37 members.
– Members agreed to register the network as a membership based foundation to secure its sustainability.
4. Training Modules in Business Plan Development (BPDT) Implemented
-3 pre-trainings held for Business Plan Writing training, 12 trainers trained. – 231 young people attended the BPD trainings.
– 488 youth applied for Business Idea Competition
5. Kosovo-wide Business Plan Competition organised –
– 3 competitions held for 666 applicants.
6. Training programme developed and experts recruited and trained – 25 local and regional trainers trained.
– First Curricula Dev. workshop held with 17 professors.
– The BSC currently enjoyed a trainer database of nearly 98 experts.
7. Course Modules and Coaching Implemented –
– 3 cycles of extensive Business Skills Trainings held resulting in 169 young people trained (selected out of a total of 666 applicants).
– 136 European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) certificates awarded.
– 22 modules were given to 165 participants during three cycles BPC winners.

This project lasted: 24 months
The project is funded by: SPARK/Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Netherlands

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