30 Mar 2010

EFSE Development Impact Study 2009: Agricultural Finance, Kosovo and Albania

Background and objective of study

 On a regular basis,
the European Fund for Southeast Europe (EFSE) commissions an Impact Study to
analyse the fulfilment of its developmental mission. In 2009, the Impact Study
was focused on agricultural finance. The study shall determine the development
impact of agricultural loans extended by EFSE to its Partner Lending
Institutions (PLIs) and on- lent to final borrowers. Furthermore, it shall
analyse the adherence to environmentally and socially responsible lending
standards. The study will address the impact (development; environmentally and
socially responsible lending practices) achieved both on the end-borrower and
on the PLI level, with a focus on the impact on the end-borrower level. The
2009 Impact Study was implemented in Albania, Kosovo and Moldova, in two PLIs
per country. Business Support Centre Kosovo was contracted as a local
consultancy firm for Kosovo and Albania.

The study consisted in three major activities: 1. Household survey:
2. Case studies;
3. PLI interviews.
The sample for the survey was of 220 units: a group of 160 borrowers (80 per PLI) and 60 non borrowers were interviewed.

This project lasted: 5 months
The project is funded by: Intercooperation and MDF

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