02 May 2010

Green House as a Business

Project Objectives:
The objectives of the Green House as a Business:

1. To provide additional training for participants of the entrepreneurship training program in Drenas, who have as their business idea, the implementation of a greenhouse.
2. To improve chances for a successful implementation of the business idea “Greenhouse”.
3. To increase skills of the participants on how to manage a greenhouse successfully.

Project Results:
1. Partnership created with Agricultural School “Abdyl Frashëri” in Prishtina supported by Faculty of Agriculture.
2. 10 participants trained in 6 modules
3. Six (6) modules delivered to participant: Planning and managing activities in the Greenhouse, Installing and using of the Greenhouses, Plant Production, Vegetable cultivation in a protected environment, Plant protection from diseases, Management production during and post harvest.
4. 6 certificates delivered to successful participants

This project lasted: 4 months
The project is funded by: USAID Kosovo Private Enterprise Program

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