11 May 2011

Business Opportunity for All

Project Purpose:
The final goal of the project is to address the issues of economic development of Mitrovica and misrepresentation of ethnic minorities to this process and accordingly to promote entrepreneurship among young people.
The other specific goals of the project:
• Identifying the ways in which economic issues are resolved and how ethnic minorities are involved in these processes.
• Empowering people to concentrate to the significance of entrepreneurship and its positive benefits and perceive that as a way to change the actual situation
• Establish new, reliable ways in which ethnic minorities could be involved to improve their ideas of business and to start from the ideas toward practicing them.
• Providing trainings in order to a) raise the entrepreneurial spirit among youth; b) practice entrepreneurship.

 Project Results:1.
Raising awareness about the importance of entrepreneurship in the region.
2. 25 participants trained in entrepreneurship and business skills development
3. Six (6) modules delivered to participants
4. After the business plan competition 2 start-ups created

This project lasted: 5 months
This project is funded by: United States Embassy Prishtina

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