31 Dec 2011

Entrepreneurship and SME Development in Kosovo (1st Year)

Project Objectives:
The objectives of Entrepreneurship and SME Development in Kosovo) :
1. Re-designing course module syllabi and readers as based on lessons learned;
2. Promoting training, selecting participants and organize training;
3. Jury selection of best business plans that are awarded in public events;
4. Support of start-ups and existing businesses through consultancy, micro-credit, and free business registration
5. Organizing training for core BSCK staff and partners
6. SME Business Environment Research Study

Project Results:1.
10 businesses started and grown
2. 50 jobs created
3. 190 youth trained
4. 95 participants submit a business plan
5. Entrepreneurship curricula of educational institutions improved
6. BSCK and partners’ staff trained by international experts
7. SME council assisted with technical support 8. Research on SME and Business Environment completed and SME database enriched

This project lasted: 12 months
This project is funded by: SPARK/Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Netherlands

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