08 Dec 2012

Entrepreneurship and SME Development in Kosovo / (second year)

Project Objectives:
The objectives of Entrepreneurship and SME Development in Kosovo) :
1. To revise and adopt the training curriculum according to the market needs;
2. To equip Kosovo youth with skills on starting and managing a business through entrepreneurship and management trainings;
 3. To equip Kosovo youth with skills in preparing a business and financial plan and be ready for finance;
4. To equip students with employable skills not provided in their formal education;
5. To match successful new and existing businesses with finance institutions and provide professional consultancy to those businesses;
6. To promote new and existing businesses nationally and internationally;
Project Results:

1. 25 local trainers trained by a regional expert;
2. 200 youth took part in entrepreneurship and management trainings, including enterprises;
 3. 50 business plans submitted, 20 business plans approved by the jury;
4. 200 students took part in CV, motivation letter and job interview training;
5. 5 businesses receive loans from finance institution;
6. 5 businesses promoted nationally and internationally;

This project lasted: 4 months

This project is funded by: SPARK Mitrovica

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