07 Oct 2015


The project aims to design and provide entrepreneurship training as well as development of business plans for young people between the ages of 18 and 25 in order to develop self-employment opportunities.
More specifically this project has achieved these objectives:
* Develop entrepreneurship training for 200 participants. Training in these modules: Introduction to Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Business Planning and Financial Planning
* Development of ideas through the design of business plans by participants
* Improvement of economic opportunities for young people by providing sustainable access to youth services in Kosovo.
The main target group of this project was Kosovo population aged 18-25 in all municipalities of Kosovo. The project was divided into two phases, in the first phase 319 participants were trained in four municipalities, and in the second phase, 149 participants were trained. All participants were provided with certificates. This project has been supported by the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports.

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