05 Nov 2015

Trainings for Young Entrepreneurs

Narrative Description of Project:
The project proposal aims to design and provide entrepreneurship training and development of business plans for young people aged 18-25 for the purpose of developing self-employment opportunities. Specifically, the project has the primary objective of providing enterprise entrepreneurship development services and developing business plans for 200 young from all major regions of Kosovo. The proposed trimming to achieve these project objectives will include the following modules:
a) Introduction to Entrepreneurship,
b) Marketing
c) Business planning
d) Financial planning,
Description of Actual Services provided by your staff within the assignment:
• Develop entrepreneurship training for 200 participants. Training in these modules: Introduction to Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Business Planning, Financial Planning
• Development of ideas through the design of business plans by the participants
• Improving economic opportunities for young people by providing sustainable access to youth services in Kosovo.

This project lasted: 5 months
The project is funded by: Ministry of Culture Youth and Sports

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