08 Nov 2015

Facilitating business friendly environment through One Stop Shop and business support services (2015)

Narrative Description of Project:
BSCK proposes the organization of the facilitating business friendly environment through market linkages activities and business support services, which will take part in two separated sets of activities.
Description of Actual Services provided by your staff within the assignment:

  • To raise awareness of participants on what Entrepreneurship entails
  • Which are the main attributes of successful Entrepreneur
  • Challenges, advantages and disadvantages of self-employment
  • Give examples of structures business thinking and goal settings plans
  • Teach structures approaches on how to generate business ideas and how to select the most promising ones to pursue
  • To understand the basic operation system including basic finance and bookkeeping
  • Raise awareness of importance of marketing, promotion and business linkages for swift growth.

This project lasted: 1 month
The project is funded by: Community Development Fund.

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