08 Nov 2015

Facilitating Business Friendly Environment through One Stop Shops and Business Advisory Services(2015)

Narrative Description of Project:
The objective of the project is to contribute towards the improvement of the business enabling environment in the Economic Region Centre through improving the administrative processes that business need to go through in municipalities and by replacing the redundant procedures with simplified process carried out in one stop shops. Additionally, through business advisory services and support to start ups the action aims at facilitating sustainable growth of businesses in this economic region

Description of Actual Services provided by your staff within the assignment:
*The consultancy assignment proposed in this projects included following training activities in modules,
*Project management related activities
*Finalization of refurbishment activities and purchasing of furniture and equipment
*Delivery of services in the one-stop shops
*Capacity building and transfer of know-how for employees of Municipal authorities
*Provision of Business Advisory Services for SMEs
*Business Idea Competition and selection of beneficiaries for the start-up assistance program
*Training & Coaching for Start up businesses
*Promotion activities and visibility actions advertising the changes in practices and training and consulting opportunities for businesses.

This project lasted:  10 months
This project is funded by: Community Development Fund.

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