15 Feb 2016

Increasing research capacities for NGOs

Objectives of 5 day training for application of statistics in SPSS: 1. 1.Introduction to quantitative methods
2.Coding and organization of data from the questionnaires
3.Explanation of SPSS menu and options
4.Data editor and variable view – Clarification of options
5.Data editing , descriptive statistics
6.Creation of tables and crosstabs
7.Creation and testing of hypotheses through T-tests, Chi-square, One Way and Two Way ANOVA
8.Correlation analysis, linear regression models
9.Interpretation of the results from SPSS
Project results:

1.Participants are trained by professional trainers from the field of research methods.
2.Interactive lectures and 90% of the time practical exercises, examples of the application of statistics to the real world through the program of SPSS.
3.33 participants from non-governmental organizations.
4.31 certified participants

This project lasted: 5 days
This project is funded by: Ministry of Public Administration

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