15 Aug 2016

Increasing the Competitiveness, Product Quality and Sales of the Wood Processors in the municipalities of Ferizaj, Kaçanik and Shtërpcë

This action will tackle the complex multi-factor process of economic growth and employment generation with a targeted approach that will focus on a number of entities, such as wood processing companies, their labor force, students and the unemployed. In a series of meetings that were conducted between the project partners (Municipality of Ferizaj, Kacanik, Shterpce, representatives of BSCK-Business Support Centre Kosovo and representatives of CDF-Community Development Fund), during the pre-feasibility study of the project, it was concluded that there is a great potential for economic growth and employment generation in the wood processing and manufacturing of the said municipalities. As a matter of fact, developing the wood processing sector SMEs is the first priority of the Development Strategy Document of Ferizaj Municipality. In addition, this action is also in line with the RDA-East Development Strategy, as well as the Ministry of Trade and Industry (Kosovo Government), whereby the wood processing sector has been identified as a field, which, with investments like this action, can produce significant economic growth. This action’s objectives are to: support the creation of a favourable conditions and environment for business and economic development, specifically to  increase the competitiveness, product quality and sales of wood processors (SMEs) in Ferizaj, Kacanik and Shterpce.
Overall objective:
To create favourable economic conditions by enhancing the competitiveness, product quality and sales of wood processors, thus generating sustainable employment and economic development in Ferizaj, Kacanik and Shterpce.
Specifik Objective:
*To increase productivity, quality and market performance of 30 wood processing companies in Ferizaj, Kacanik and Shterpce municipalities, by providing small scale business infrastructure, market access, training.
*Wood processing SMEs (250 people managers and staff), educational institutions (400 students from technical schools), clients, suppliers of wood processing companies, the unemployed and ethnic minorities.
*200,000 inhabitants of the region, wood processors, labour workforce, local communities, unemployed, students and Kosovo Government (through import substitution).
*Established cooperative production and promotion (sales), enhanced management skills towards innovative business improvements in 30 wood processing companies, certified quality of products and processes (ISO, FSC), constructed tangible infrastructure (commercial show room venue) and  a VET (Vocational Education & Training) centre.
*Hire project management and ensure visibility of EU funding, establish network of wood processors in East and South regions, ISO / FSC Certification of 10 companies,  attend 2 (two) European Fairs / Expo, construct a commercial wood products salon (retail center), construct a VET (Vocational Education & Training) center.

This project lasted: 18 months
The project was funded by: the European Union Office, and was implemented by BSCK in partnership with CDF and the Municipality of Ferizaj.

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