03 May 2018

Reintegration of repatriated individuals and prevention of illegal migration of vulnerable groups

Business Support Center Kosovo has tended to implement a project that aims to improve living conditions of vulnerable groups, including women, youth and RAE communities in 6 municipalities of Kosovo (Ferizaj, Prizren, Gjakovë, Podujevë, Vushtrri and Fushë Kosovë). Over the period of 10 months, the project will facilitate their integration in the business environment and their access to market, access to finances and assets, and access to employment, including self-employment. In order to address the challenge of vulnerable families embarking on unsafe migration from Kosovo, as well as of repatriated families that need to be reintegrated, the project is targeting and will work  with vulnerable groups, including women, youth and RAE communities to sustainably provide livelihood alternatives, as well as promoting their social inclusion.
This will be achieved through a needs assessment of about 240 beneficiaries (40 beneficiaries from each municipality), which should be followed by a developed module of trainings in the field of entrepreneurship and self-employment, as well as a set of direct consultancy/ mentoring and coaching sessions. Moreover, the project will establish business association of these communities to support them through various activities, such as lobbying, informing and assisting in various other programs.
Description of Actual Services provided by your staff within the assignment:
*Assessment of needs and opportunities of vulnerable groups from 6 benefiting municipalities. This assessment will be implemented by proposed experts of BSCK through desk research and field research, where the representatives of communities, representatives of local institutions, etc,
*Implementation of the training for entrepreneurship and self-employment. Through this activity, 240 selected beneficiaries that have potential for starting/expanding a business, or can get a job will be trained
*Provision of mentoring and coaching services to training beneficiaries.
*Establishment of business associations of vulnerable groups. During the implementation period of the project, in each of municipalities a business association of vulnerable groups will be established with the goal of addressing requirements and needs of communities, addressing concerns and problems they face, offering information and supporting services for them.
*Provision of mentoring and coaching services to business associations.
*Organization of minimum two round tables with stakeholders, policy makers, donors and civil society

This project lasted: 8 months
The project is funded by: GIZ/DIMAK

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