19 Sep 2018


The main purpose of the project has been to help build and develop the Entrepreneurship Ecosystem in the Municipality of Pristina on professional principles and prepare young people (students) and graduates for employment and self-employment and to contribute to the development of enterprise innovative innovations that help economic development and improve welfare in the country. And the project has impacted on enhancing the professional skills of young people to ensure a significant improvement in creativity and innovation in the workplace and also a workforce that is very appropriate and capable of meeting the challenges of the future and the needs of enterprises.
Also, the project has contributed to the awareness of young people about the use and valorisation of information technology. Project involvement was done according to criteria: active student, unemployed youth, age 18-35 years and from the Municipality of
Description of Actual Services provided by your staff within the assignment:
*Provide training for participants who are trained: to understand the role of digital channels in an integrated marketing campaign and to understand why they need a digital strategy. They will have information on key digital marketing channels (social media, digital presentations, email marketing, websites, etc.) and the importance of each channel in providing support for the growth of new and existing enterprises. They are trained in marketing analytics and practical applications facilitating the use of marketing data.
*Evaluation of the achieved results is done through some basic digital marketing test and some “case studies” which have presented participants in group form.

The project lasted: 2 months
The project is funded by: Municipality of Prishtina

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