29 Sep 2018


The training lasted ten days in two municipalities, in Drenas and Fushë Kosovë. There were 43 participants trained in both municipalities. The preparation of young people for work has been achieved through the skills, knowledge and the necessary competencies for the labor market.
Beneficiaries involved in the project;
Drenas 10 men, Fushë Kosovë 14 men, total men 24:  Age 18-24
Drenas 9 women, Fushë Kosovë 10 women, total women 19:  Age 18-24
Overall, there were 43 beneficiaries in the project. The impact beneficiary project was: Raising youth employability skills that will positively affect their employment. Youth training for job applications (CV writing, motivation letter, job vacancies). Improving communication skills, presenting in job interviews, writing communication and verbal communication

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