03 Dec 2018

Entrepreneurship and Business Skills Training

Business administration training aims to increase the employment opportunities and self-employment of participants through funding for opening up new businesses. The trainings will enable participants the process of returning an idea to a successful startup business. The program  aims to design and provide five-day training for entrepreneurship. Also developing business plans for participants aged 18-35, with the aim of developing opportunities for self-employment. The main target group of this project was the participants of the municipality of Kacanik, Hani I Elezit, Vitia and Gjilan, aged 18-35.
The trainings were conducted by five training days, in each municipality by two groups. The first group from 10:00 to 14:00 and the second group from 16:00 to 20:00. There were 192 participants from all the above mentioned municipalities. Kaçanik municipality had 42 participants, as opposed to the other three municipalities that participated: Hani i Elezit 50 participants, Vitia 50 participants and Gjilani 50 participants.
The training modules have been:
First Day: Generating and refining your business idea, startup basics, how to register new businesses;
Second Day: Presentation of Business Plans, Basics of the Business Plan;
Third Day: Market Research and Strategic Planning;
Fourth Day: Marketing for Small Business; Small Business and Social Media Promotion Platform;
Fifth Day: Accounting and Small Business Taxes.

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