20 Jan 2020


The objectives of the project can be said to have been achieved 100% of what we anticipated, the training lasting twelve days in two municipalities Prishtina and Fushe Kosova. A total of 100 participants from the two municipalities were trained. Young people have been prepared to prepare business plans and entrepreneurship, knowledge and competencies needed for the labor market. Participants are ready to enter the market with the development of a genuine and adequate market plan. On the basis of the project proposal we also organized two visits to two well-known businesses to give participants an opportunity to see closely the work done in businesses how these businesses were developed and what they do. The Pristina team has been visiting the Innovation Center Kosovo (ICK), while the Podujeva group has been visiting the Dona Laberion in Podujeva.

During the trainings there were also guest lecturers from different companies and shared their experience with the training participants. There was Ersan Ismaili from Converged Communications L.L.C. and Kujtim Zebica expert in the field of Digital Marketing.

Prishtina 30 males, Podujevo 10 males, 40 males in total

Age 18-24

Prishtina 37 females, Podujevo 23 females, 60 females in total

Age 18-24

Total beneficiaries in the project 100

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