Providing sales training once or even a few times per year and viewing the program as an independent, standalone event is no longer enough. Companies need to create, build, and maintain a culture of continuous learning to help drive improved organizational performance. Progressive organizations that are adapting a strong continuous learning culture are quickly proving to significantly outperform their peers in several areas:


The main objective of the project has been to provide entrepreneurship and business plan development services for 100 young people, aged 15-24, in the Prishtina and Podujevo region. The specific objective of the project was: Developing competitiveness and involving young people in the Kosovo market through their involvement in the small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) […]


The main purpose of the project was to help build and develop the entrepreneurship ecosystem in the beneficiary municipalities (Pristina, Podujevo and Obiliq) on professional principles and to prepare participants for employment and self-employment. Long-term project results: Creating new jobs by training participants; Increasing the employability skills of young people that will affect their employment; […]


The main purpose of this project has been to help higher education institutions strengthen their role in contributing to the transformation of higher education in Kosovo and thereby improve the position of the newly graduated in the labor market. This project also aimed to identify weaknesses, barriers and opportunities to address the problems identified in […]


The main purpose of the project has been to help build and develop the Entrepreneurship Ecosystem in the Municipality of Pristina on professional principles and prepare young people (students) and graduates for employment and self-employment and to contribute to the development of enterprise innovative innovations that help economic development and improve welfare in the country. […]

Increase and facilitate the access of young people to the labor market

The project was intended to design and provide ten-day soft skills training and develop employability skills for young people aged 18 to 24 in order to develop self-employment opportunities. The project “Training for the development of soft skills for young people” aims to increase the employment opportunities for young people through the training of young […]

Reintegration of repatriated individuals and prevention of illegal migration of vulnerable groups

Business Support Center Kosovo has tended to implement a project that aims to improve living conditions of vulnerable groups, including women, youth and RAE communities in 6 municipalities of Kosovo (Ferizaj, Prizren, Gjakovë, Podujevë, Vushtrri and Fushë Kosovë). Over the period of 10 months, the project will facilitate their integration in the business environment and […]

Increasing the Competitiveness, Product Quality and Sales of the Wood Processors in the municipalities of Ferizaj, Kaçanik and Shtërpcë

This action will tackle the complex multi-factor process of economic growth and employment generation with a targeted approach that will focus on a number of entities, such as wood processing companies, their labor force, students and the unemployed. In a series of meetings that were conducted between the project partners (Municipality of Ferizaj, Kacanik, Shterpce, […]

Increasing research capacities for NGOs

Objectives of 5 day training for application of statistics in SPSS: 1. 1.Introduction to quantitative methods2.Coding and organization of data from the questionnaires3.Explanation of SPSS menu and options 4.Data editor and variable view – Clarification of options5.Data editing , descriptive statistics6.Creation of tables and crosstabs 7.Creation and testing of hypotheses through T-tests, Chi-square, One Way […]

Facilitating Business Friendly Environment through One Stop Shops and Business Advisory Services(2015)

Narrative Description of Project:The objective of the project is to contribute towards the improvement of the business enabling environment in the Economic Region Centre through improving the administrative processes that business need to go through in municipalities and by replacing the redundant procedures with simplified process carried out in one stop shops. Additionally, through business […]

Facilitating business friendly environment through One Stop Shop and business support services (2015)

Narrative Description of Project:BSCK proposes the organization of the facilitating business friendly environment through market linkages activities and business support services, which will take part in two separated sets of activities.Description of Actual Services provided by your staff within the assignment: To raise awareness of participants on what Entrepreneurship entails Which are the main attributes […]

Trainings for Young Entrepreneurs

Narrative Description of Project:The project proposal aims to design and provide entrepreneurship training and development of business plans for young people aged 18-25 for the purpose of developing self-employment opportunities. Specifically, the project has the primary objective of providing enterprise entrepreneurship development services and developing business plans for 200 young from all major regions of […]

Entrepreneurship and SME Development in Kosovo / (second year)

Project Objectives: The objectives of Entrepreneurship and SME Development in Kosovo) : 1. To revise and adopt the training curriculum according to the market needs;2. To equip Kosovo youth with skills on starting and managing a business through entrepreneurship and management trainings; 3. To equip Kosovo youth with skills in preparing a business and financial plan […]

Entrepreneurship Program for North Kosovo

Project Objectives:The objectives of the Entrepreneurship Program for North Kosovo: 1. To equip young entrepreneurs with skills necessary for self-employment;2. To improve skills of young entrepreneurs to have a successful start-up and create new jobs;3. To provide assistance and training to young entrepreneurs to develop viable business plan to fit to the current market demands.4. […]

Entrepreneurship and SME Development in Kosovo (1st Year)

Project Objectives:The objectives of Entrepreneurship and SME Development in Kosovo) :1. Re-designing course module syllabi and readers as based on lessons learned; 2. Promoting training, selecting participants and organize training;3. Jury selection of best business plans that are awarded in public events;4. Support of start-ups and existing businesses through consultancy, micro-credit, and free business registration5. […]

Entrepreneurship Training program – Second Phase

Project Objectives:The objectives of the Entrepreneurship Training Program – Phase 2: 1. To increase knowledge and equip young adults with entrepreneurship skills necessary to either start-up or re-organize/improve a small business, or find meaningful employment in an ongoing business enterprise by developing/adopt the practical entrepreneurship training program; 2. To create linkages between successful candidates and […]

Business Idea Competition (BIC) in Agriculture Schools in Kosovo

Project Objectives1. To prepare students for entrepreneurship;2. To educate students in the process of creating and evaluation new business ventures by designing a Business Plan;3. To support the awarded students financially and/or through the training, and thus eventually create opportunity for self-employment.  Project Results: 1. Two day workshop was organized for teachers from agriculture school […]

Business Opportunity for All

Project Purpose: The final goal of the project is to address the issues of economic development of Mitrovica and misrepresentation of ethnic minorities to this process and accordingly to promote entrepreneurship among young people. The other specific goals of the project:• Identifying the ways in which economic issues are resolved and how ethnic minorities are […]

Green House as a Business

Project Objectives:The objectives of the Green House as a Business: 1. To provide additional training for participants of the entrepreneurship training program in Drenas, who have as their business idea, the implementation of a greenhouse. 2. To improve chances for a successful implementation of the business idea “Greenhouse”.3. To increase skills of the participants on […]

EFSE Development Impact Study 2009: Agricultural Finance, Kosovo and Albania

Background and objective of study  On a regular basis, the European Fund for Southeast Europe (EFSE) commissions an Impact Study to analyse the fulfilment of its developmental mission. In 2009, the Impact Study was focused on agricultural finance. The study shall determine the development impact of agricultural loans extended by EFSE to its Partner Lending […]

Entrepreneurship – Micro Enterprise Training Program – 1st Phase

Project Objectives: The objectives of the Entrepreneurship Program for North Kosovo :1. To develop/adopt the practical entrepreneurship training program for this particular assignment/situation;2. To equip youth with entrepreneurship skills necessary for self-employment;3. To create linkages between training candidates and microfinance institutions; 4. To increase the capacities of two local hosting institutions for future training replication; […]

Enabling Private Sector Development in the Western Balkans (BSCK I)

Project Objectives:1. To establish a Business Start-up Center in Prishtina, Kosovo2. To provide Kosovo youth with entrepreneurship and business skills 3. To assist youth in starting SMEs and generate employment Project Results:1. Business Start-up Centre Offices established – 6 Implementing partners identified and MOU’s signed. Offices opened and staff recruited and trained. 2. Developing a […]