To assist youth, graduates, unemployed, to be entrepreneurs, and existing SMEs to start and grow their businesses through the high quality support packages such training and consulting for entrepreneurship and business, as well as micro credit line with favorable conditions and grants, free consultancy, networking and matchmaking. Also , BSCK mission is to promote evidence-based policy-making support in support of entrepreneurship friendly environment that
we help SMEs thrive.



BSCK’s vision is to maintain its leadership position in a country in providing support services for development of entrepreneurship and SMEs with long-term commitment in closed cooperation with local authorities and international donors and business sector. To promote and stimulate sustainable economic development and growth that contributes toward alleviation of poverty in Kosovo.



BSCK strives for excellence in education/training, consulting and research in the area of entrepreneurship and small business. Our core values are:

  • Passion
  • Innovation
  • Integrity
  • Team work
  • Empowerment

We will empower team members through learning, knowledge sharing and also encouraging innovation with a sense of accountability.

BSCK Current Staffing and Organizational Structure

The BSCK currently is operating with 10 full-time staff working in the Prishtinë office; BSCK has executive director, deputy director, financial manager, 1 project managers, 1 communication officer and 5 project officers. The BSCK also has large base of part time experienced trainers and consultants (More than 70 experts).

Given the extended geographic coverage and all of the many other activities which are not related to the core business, such as maintaining the SENSI network, establishing SEE Association of SME Agencies, regionalizing EU Days and Trade Fairs, and capacity-building projects for partner organizations, to name a few of the other activities, the BSCK appears to be understaffed and for this reason it uses internships throughout the year. To build the organization towards becoming sustainable, significant changes in operations and structure would need to occur between now and the end of the project.

A Board of Directors and Advisory Board exercise legal and administrative oversight of BSCK. The Board of Directors is composed of 7 representatives out of which 4 are from public institutions and 3 are private sector representatives.


In our team, we have significant experience of:

  •  Developing business ideas into viable business ventures;
  • Supporting new business start-up companies through specialized training and coaching
    assistance in management, marketing, business planning, finance etc.;
  •  Assisting existing businesses with creation of spin off enterprises;
  • Developing and implementing strategies for start-up businesses;
  • Design and delivery of tailor made training programs adapted to the needs of young
    businessmen and businesswomen entering the market with their new ideas;
  • Training of various youth groups throughout Kosovo including all regions in various
    aspects of business and management.
  • Working closely in partnership with development partners to ensure collaboration
    between donors and institutions as well as private sector and NGOs;
  • First hand practical experience in Kosovo and the region of South East Europe.


BSCK Director

BSCK Director is directly involved with stakeholders and external relations in its role for positioning BSCK in the local and international market. He is the main PR person and in addition he is responsible for overall overseeing of organization. In the area of financing he is responsible for fundraising activities and implanting strategic and BSCK sustainability plan.


BSCK Deputy Director

BSCK Deputy Director will assist executive director and will be directly involved with
stakeholders and external relations in its role for positioning BSCK in the local and international
market. He is responsible for overall overseeing of organization and different projects as
assigned by BSCK executive director.


Project Manager

The Project Manager is responsible for the overall implementation of the various projects. Project Manager will be directly involved (with the Director, Project Officers, and interns) in establishing the partnerships needed, and be the primary liaison for overall implementation of activities. The manager will conduct strategic planning, staffing, oversees implementation of activities, and plays a leading role in public promotion via local events and media. He/she will lead efforts focusing on ensuring the sustainability of the project activities beyond the scope of SPARK funding.


Project Officers

Full time project officer will be responsible for promoting and organizing trainings, project administrative work. The role of the Project Officer is also to coordinate the promotion team and activities with volunteers in all training locations. Training materials and coordination of trainers will be another responsibility of the Project Officer.


Finance Manager

Responsible of planning implementation costs of the project, and financial reporting to director, management board and donors and tax administration.



The accountant is responsible of paying taxes and pension contribution for all staff and consultants engaged to Kosovo Tax Administration every month.