Organization Background

BSCK has been operating in Kosovo since 2005, assisted by its partner SPARK, before
becoming a fully independent, registered non-profit NGO in June 2009. BSCK supports existing
and potential entrepreneurs between 18 and 35 years of age in establishing and strengthening
micro, small and medium sized enterprises in Kosovo. The range of BSCK activities comprises
training-the-trainer programs, vocational entrepreneurship and business trainings,

administration of technical and management consulting and the making available financial start-
up help in the form of preferential micro credits. The Centre has established around 50 firms

generating over 200 jobs in the project phases of BSCK I (2006-2008), and BSCK II (2009-
2011). Of all participants trained, around 40% of them were women and minorities. The total
number of people trained as for June 2013 includes more than 5000.
BSCK has organized trainings for more than 1200 participants in twenty locations across
Kosovo, including three minority areas (Mitrovica, Osojane, Strpce, Vraniste, Gracanica,
Orahovac, Leposavic, ZubinPotok, Zvecan). Each of our training cycles was complemented by
extensive promotional campaigns resulting in a total of more than 4000 applications received
from Kosovo Albanian, Kosovo Serbs, Kosovo Bosniak, Kosovo Turk and other minorities youth
from all regions of Kosovo. In conclusion of each training cycle BSCK has also hosted a
business plan competition and award ceremony featuring leading representatives from
government, business and international community.
Besides providing with financial grants, favorable loans for start-ups, and other benefits to
entrepreneurs, BSCK has an extensive experience in consulting existing and new entrepreneurs
in their road of creating and expanding their enterprises. Since the beginning, only from One
Stop Shops in 8 municipalities of Prishtina region (center) created by BSCK as a part of
European Union in Kosovo – Support for Regional Economic Development Project more than
2,464 businesses benefited from consultancy, coaching and mentoring provided as a direct
support to Kosovo entrepreneurs. Another 31 businesses have benefited 100 hours of free
consultancy as winners of best business plan competitions organized under the same project.
Besides these beneficiaries, BSCK has provided entrepreneurs with free consultancy since the
beginning of 2006 as a part of Enabling Private Sector Development in the Western Balkans
(BSCK I 2006-2008, BSCK II 2008-2011 and MFS II 2011-2015) project, financed by
SPARK/Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Netherlands, where more than 5000 hours of free
consultancy where delivered.
In the past BSCK has organized and implemented training curricula ranging from 2-10 weeks of
teaching in the Albanian, Serbian and English languages. Taught modules have included
Entrepreneurship and Business Strategy, Market Research and Public Relations, Marketing Mix
(4Ps), the Kosovo Economy and Conditions for SMEs, Project Management, New Product
Development, Business Finance, Business Communication and Commercial Skills
and Business Plan Writing. BSCK maintains a database of more than 200 local trainers who
successfully completed the BSCK pre-training program.