Since its inception, BSCK has built strong partnerships with key institutions from government, business, and education. The Centre has signed MoUs with the Municipality of Pristina, the Ministry of Trade and Industry, the University of Prishtina, the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports, the Kosovo Chamber of Commerce, the NLB Pristina Bank and the Globus College of Management Studies. BSCK has also signed MoUs on the municipal level, in Peja with the Municipality of Peja and European Vision University, in Gracanica with the local Cultural Centre, in Strpce with the Municipality of Strpce and in North Mitrovica with the Faculty of Technical Sciences. BSCK has also established partnership with 10 Municipalities and NGO in implementing the Entrepreneurship – Micro Enterprise Training Program, Phase II.


The Centre maintains close cooperation with SPARK and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, and for whom BSCK continues to act as a key implementing partner in Kosovo.


The BSCK/SPARK MoU with NLB Prishtina, the local subsidiary of the region’s largest bank, establishes the administration of a revolving fund for start-ups, through which BSCK is able to offer access to microfinance at extremely competitive rates. In the last project cycle alone, this credit facility scheme has supported young entrepreneurs with almost 140.000 EUR in credits disbursed. Access to the credit facility scheme is open for the awardees of the School for Entrepreneurship and Business Skills Training of the BSCK, who are carefully selected by an expert jury.


BSCK partnerships are making a lasting impact on entrepreneurship promotion in Kosovo in several dimensions (refer to individual MoUs for details). The cooperation not only creates awareness for entrepreneurship promotion but also stimulates the active support and participation of key institutions in these efforts. Our partners have among others committed their support to these central goals:

• To raise the entrepreneurial spirit among all youth, especially university students and recent graduates unemployed as well as among existing SMEs; • To strengthen links between the education and the business sector;

• To develop training and SME support processes in close cooperation with EU, SEE, and local experts and representatives of the business sector.


This established network of partners extends BSCK’s organizational reach to include major stakeholders in entrepreneurship development on local and national levels. It also further increases the effectiveness and efficiency of BSCK operations and activities in carrying out the implementation of project objectives.


Below are just a few of the companies we’ve served: