Pika Zero

Entrepreneurs: Petrit and Adem
Product: Marketing services
Location: Pristina, Kosovo
Jobs created: 5 full time
BSCK support: Training; € 5.000 loan; 100 hours consultancy

Petrit and Adem admit that it requires a lot of energy and perseverance to run a business and study at the same time. Both study at the American University and are partners in the marketing company Big Advertising. An example of two very ambitions young men that constantly seek for new opportunities and keep on educating and training themselves to get better.

In September 2007 Petrit and Adem were one of the 10 winners of BSC Kosovo’s business plan competition, with their business plan Pika Zero. Their business was in doing research about the energy sector. UNDP was one of their first clients, for which they developed 10 policy papers. They established their offices, which they shared with Big Advertising, a marketing company. They became involved in marketing, they found out that they liked this type of business more and that it was more profitable. Petrit and Adem became partners in Big Advertising, Petrit as the operational director, Adem as the financial director and Norik (who started the company in May 2007) is sales & creative director.
 During the past 5 months Big Advertising built a great portfolio, financial institutions (banks) and insurance companies are their  most important clients. They make commercials, develop websites and marketing gadgets such as calendars, Christmas cards, pens etc.

They took a loan of 5.000 Euro offered by BSC Kosovo through KEP (Kosovo Enterprise Program). Also they used the 100 hours consultancy offered by BSC Kosovo during the last few months. About both services they’re more then satisfied. KEP helped them in a very professional way and the consultancy helped them doing in depth research on financial institutions, to enhance their understanding about how banks work in order to serve them better. Besides the help of BSC Kosovo, their families supported them as well in the process, which is very important.

Besides 5 full-time employees, Big Advertising hires freelancers on a regular basis, for example cameramen when they produce commercials. They expect the number of employees to increase to maximum 10 in the coming year. One of the obstacles mentioned by other starters was not a problem at all for Pika Zero. They registered their company within 2 days through the one-stop-shop in the building of the Ministry of Trade and Industry. For tax registration and tax issues they used a professional accountant, which they still hire to comply with all tax an human resources issues in a legal and professional way.

The obstacles that Adem and Petrit faced were the lack of capital and lack of awareness about the benefits of marketing among SMEs. They managed to gradually invest in their offices and equipment. Big Advertising needs to raise awareness for their own product among SMEs, because it is a common ‘mistake’ to think marketing is only for big companies, and to wait until you have money for marketing, whereas good marketing can raise your sales. Also they both study at the American University , it requires a lot of time and perseverance to study and run a business at the same time. Although this can be seen as pure ambition as well, and ambition among young people is what the economy of Kosovo needs in the coming years to grow.

Adem and Petrit are of the opinion that you always need to keep ‘upgrading’ yourself. So they would keep on appreciating the services of BSC Kosovo in the future, such as additional consultancy and training. Also they would like to get in contact with other young entrepreneurs throughout the region, which are supported by the other Business Centres that SPARK initiated besides BSC Kosovo. Through these conferences and business fairs, entrepreneurs can learn from each other and enhance linkages between businesses in the region.

Intern Project Assistant Positions

Intern Project Assistant Positions
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