NTP “Egzoni”

Name of business: NTP “Egzoni”

Name of entrepreneur: Mr. Egzon Binakaj

Sector and core business Production: Agriculture

Country and city: Deçan, Kosova

Start-up date 2010

Email contact person:

Jobs created since start: 3

% Growth since start: 50%

Egzon Binakaj, is now famous for his success in raising chickens in Deçan.

He believes he has the biggest owned chicken farm in Deçan, and presently has two poultry houses on his property. Binakaj ascribes some of his success to the BCSK Development Entrepreneurship Programme training, which he says was “invaluable” in establishing himself as an entrepreneur.

Following market needs, Binakaj took his initial loan of 10,000 euro and devoted himself to raising chickens. The enterprising young farmer initially embarked on his new venture on his own, but has subsequently taken his brother like his partner. He started with 2 employees, but this number has now grown to 5 permanent staff members. He also provides job opportunities for further workers who assist him at various stages of the chicken cycle.

He is now planning to add another poultry house, which will allow him to increase the number of birds and will provide an additional seven permanent employment positions.

His advice to new or prospective business owners: “It is crucial to learn how to run a business before starting out, especially the financial aspects, whether you have money or not. I would not have been nearly as successful had it not been for the BSCK training I received.”

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